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South Essex Training and Support Alliance is pleased to have a number of Specialist Leaders of Education (SLE) available to work with your school. SLEs are experienced middle or senior leaders with a specialism (for example, maths, initial teacher training, behaviour) who can be contacted for support to improve the leadership in a specific subject or specialist area in your school.

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Aleishia Lewis

St Mary's Prittlewell School

Aleishia lewis photo origAssessment,Teaching and Learning, English & Curriculum

I am currently working as an Deputy Headteacher at St. Mary’s which has in recent years moved from two-form to four-form entry. In my current role, I am responsible for the Middle Phase (Years 2 and 3), assessment, curriculum, pupil premium and am lead of the English subject group.  As a national and international English consultant and Local Authority Lead Moderator for both Key Stage One and Key Stage Two, I have supported English leads and headteachers to improve their reading and writing provision and practices from EYFS through to the end of Key Stage Two.  My understanding of end of key stage expectations has had a significant impact on the schools that I have worked in, as well as schools that I have supported.

Anna Leman

Southend High School for Girls

Student wellbeing & attitudes to learning


UnnamedI am currently Assistant Head Teacher at Southend High School for Girls where my role is focussed on Student Wellbeing and Attitudes to Learning. I am the Safeguarding Lead across the school and am experienced in developing highly effective pastoral teams to support the social, emotional and mental health needs of students.

The welfare of young people is at the centre of my work.  I can support schools and pastoral staff in improving systems and leading teams of staff to undertake proactive, preventative and highly effective pastoral casework which improves outcomes for young people in need of support.

I am committed to sharing my expertise and experiences with other pastoral leaders to ensure that leadership and management of safeguarding and pastoral care is highly effective in their school.

My other experience includes having been Director of a Creative and Performing Arts Faculty and Head of an Art Department. I am a school Governor and have completed the SSAT Future School Leaders programme, graduating with a Trust Diploma in School Leadership.

Anna Suckling

Bournemouth Park Academy

AssessAnna sucklingment, CPD, Closing the Gap & Mentoring

Over the last 4 years, I have held various leadership roles at Bournemouth Park Academy, including both year group and subject lead roles. During this time I have had the privilege of supporting NQTs, new teachers to year 6 and new senior teachers and have had a direct impact on the upward trend in data.In addition to this, I have been the English Lead at Bournemouth Park Academy for the last 4 years, where I have implemented a variety of new schemes and systems designed to improve pupil progress. During this time I have implemented a library cataloguing system; brought in a new scheme of independent reading books; introduced a school wide SPAG scheme; introduced a comprehension scheme; facilitated a new handwriting scheme and implemented a new assessment and feedback policy for writing and reading.As a local authority writing moderator for KS2, I have supported a number of schools through the external moderation process and feel that clear understanding of the assessment framework at the end of the key stage has had a big impact on assessment throughout the school.I am primarily a classroom teacher, with the welfare of the students in my care at the forefront of all decisions I make. I have been lucky enough to have the opportunity to share my own good practice, learn from others and most importantly learn from the students I teach. This collaborative process and ambition to always do better for the students we are responsible for, is something I believe we all share and I look forward to supporting others on their journey in any way I can.
I understand that accurate assessment is key for school improvement but outstanding assessment goes beyond data and the teacher’s understanding of the assessment frameworks – it is about children making progress and gaining confidence in themselves as learners rather than simply meeting targets to tick off of a list. High expectations of all learners is key, as is an understanding of the end of key stage requirements and how to provide opportunities for the children to meet these in engaging ways.
Raising standards for all pupils and providing every child with access to high-quality provision motivates me and I enjoy working with other teachers and leaders to develop their skills and improve the practices and outcomes within their own schools.

Bethan Russell

Richmond Avenue Primary School

Bethan russell 1Closing the Gap & SEN

I am currently the Deputy Head at Richmond Avenue Primary and Nursery School. As part of my current and previous leadership roles, I have gained valuable experience in closing the gaps in a variety of settings.

I feel confident that I am able to support other schools in identifying their most vulnerable groups of pupils' barriers to learning and to close them effectively. I am passionate about my role and have a particular interest in leading the school to establish systems and strategies to improve the outcomes for all children, especially the most vulnerable.   

I am experienced in data assessment, deliver training, tracking for impact and I am always keen to establish platforms for middle leaders to deliver best practice for the children and staff in their area. I look forward to working alongside other colleagues in other schools.

I look forward to working with Chairs and governing bodies to improve the education of young people regardless of their ability or background.

Cherie Knight

Milton Hall Primary School

1467641198Early Years, Parental Engagement & Pupil Premium

I am the Assistant Headteacher of a three form entry primary school in a particularly deprived area of the town, responsible for EYFS, Year 1 and Pupil Premium across the school. 
I also have over 10 years' experience of working within the early years and feel very strongly that every child is entitled to the best possible care and education.
Over the years I have helped support our EYFS team to ensure the children are at the heart of everything we do. Children's interests and next steps in learning underpin every aspect of our provision and ensure children leave reception confident, independent learners. I am committed to helping raise standards and achievement, through the use of engaging environments, data analysis, assessment, parent partnership and knowledge of the curriculum.
I have worked hard to increase parental engagement and implement a range of programmes in school to build parent/school partnerships and raise attainment through home/school learning. As Pupil Premium Coordinator I am able to offer support, guidance and strategies to improve the outcomes for all children. 

I am an experienced NQT Mentor and really enjoy working with others to help them improve their own knowledge and understanding. I look forward to supporting a variety of schools in any way I can.

Debra Donoghue

Edwards Hall Primary School

Deborah donaghue photoAssessment for Learning, Coaching, Mentoring & Leading CPD

I have been a teacher in Essex and Southend for the last fifteen years, including as an English AST and a Deputy Headteacher, and have taught in all primary year groups.
I have worked alongside other senior leaders to develop and evaluate assessment and tracking systems across a range of subjects, and trained staff on how to make accurate assessments of their pupils. I can support assessment leaders on preparing to report on assessment, and how to use the wide range of information available to them effectively.
Improving teaching and learning is an area I am passionate about and have supported teachers and leaders in other schools to achieve this, including how to work strategically and effectively for maximum impact and how to intervene when necessary. I am able to support new leaders to support their own staff at all stages of their teaching careers, having been a school mentor for SCITT at a lead school for three years, as NQT manager/mentor and as a line manager for teaching staff. This forms part of my role as CPD lead: I can offer support to other CPD leaders on using time, personnel and budgets effectively to maximise CPD based on the school's priorities and evaluate and report the impact.

I am also able to support schools using action research within CPD to improve outcomes.

James Gardner

James has been the Head of Computer Science at Westcliff High School for Girls for the past 5 years. He has overseen the transition from ICT to the new specification. He has been teaching ICT and Computer Science for more than 10 years, in both the Primary and Secondary Sector.

James has excellent communication and interpersonal skills. He has delivered and challenged staff in the school to find new and innovative ways to use the technology within their planning and delivery of lessons. He has also worked with staff to help them find more efficient ways of delivering content to students. He is an accredited Facilitator for NCCE and is the Computing Hub Lead for the London and Essex Computing Hub.

Jo Parkes

Kents Hill Junior School

Jo parkes photo origEnglish, Teaching And Learning & Assessment

I am the Assistant Head of School leading on Teaching and Learning with Assessment at a three form entry junior school. I am also responsible for writing across the school, supporting all middle leaders (both Heads of Year and Core Subject Leaders) and I currently teach in Year 6. I have worked on writing within my own school, partner schools and supporting others across our local cluster groups.
I have led staff development of English across both schools within our MAT which has involved, on occasion, implementing systems from scratch including moderation, planning teaching sequences, effective marking and questioning and also the delivery of lessons including the GPS elements. I currently teach the lower ability set for reading and writing within my own school so I have ample experience in differentiating and adapting planning so that all pupils achieve their full potential and make at least good progress. In addition to this, I have experience of supporting teachers from NQTs to middle leaders in ensuring that pupils of all abilities within their class or year group are challenged and this includes teaching and planning for greater depth.

Kate Snarey

Westborough Primary School

AssesKate snareysment & Closing the Gap

I am an Assistant Head Teacher at the Westborough Primary School in Southend.  Westborough is a thriving school with a diverse and ever changing in-take. The Senior Leadership team at Westborough are committed to ensuring the best outcomes for all children and have been on a positive journey resulting in improved progress and outcomes at all statutory assessment points. At Westborough, I am the Assessment; Pupil Premium; Attendance and Upper Key Stage 2 Lead with responsibility for raising attainment in Reading. I also have an English teaching commitment in Year 6.

The support I can offer is wide ranging from primary assessment and data analysis in a changing curriculum to raising attainment using targets and careful monitoring which puts the child at the heart of assessment.  I have had responsibility for setting up a whole school assessment system using the opportunity for positive change towards both a child-centred school led system that reduces workload but makes an impact on learning and progress.  As a professional I have always been committed to working collaboratively, both learning from others and sharing knowledge. I was involved with Learning without limits, Children First conferences where good assessment and pedagogy is shared nationally through hubs and social media as a commitment to all children being able to benefit from the best practice.

Outside of my school I have been involved in Challenge Partners as a reviewer working alongside other schools in Peer Reviews on both quality of provision and outcomes as well as teaching, learning and assessment. I have many years’ experience as a Key Stage 1 moderator for the local authority both as a lead and a trainer. I am also Lead Advocate for the Chartered College of Teaching - this work has allowed me to continually develop my own knowledge of assessment and pedagogy.

I began teaching in 2001 and still enjoy every minute of working with children and watching them progress with skills for learning that they can transfer into the wider world.

I look forward to supporting other schools with Assessment and Raising Standards.


Liz Bailey

Chase High

Elizabeth bailey photo 2 origTeaching And Learning, English & Leading CPD

I have been teaching in Southend for the last 15 years and my experience spans 10 years at SHSG in the grammar setting, and 5 years as Head of English at Chase High School. I lead 10 teachers in the department in providing excellent teaching and learning in English, which I achieve with a clear vision and high expectations. I also lead the school-wide literacy initiative, which has seen rapid growth in attainment for reading and written literacy. I have recently completed my NPQSL on this literacy initiative which has given the opportunity to develop whole-school leadership skills. I spent a year on SLT recently and undertook learning walks; feedback conversations; whole school presentations; Governor meetings; SLT operations reviews and teacher CPD. I have mentored students from all training pathways with excellent outcomes: a recent P.E graduate was rated as 'Outstanding' in her HCUK training in English last year. I am an AQA examiner for English A-Level and GCSE and this has given me valuable knowledge of external assessment and moderation.

I have led CPD and school-wide training alongside individual tutoring support for colleagues, so I am experienced in both large scale training and coaching and personalised tutoring. I believe in the power of high expectations and the drive to improve the outcomes for students, who are always at the heart of what we do.

Luba Lockwood

Chase High

Liubas picEAL

My substantial experience in teaching EAL (English as an Additional Language) students has given me a clear view of the most effective strategies and developments in this area. For several years I have been leading CPD in EAL teaching both at a whole school and partnership level.

Being responsible for learning and well-being of EAL students from diverse cultural, social and linguistic backgrounds I have to deal with a range of issues related to their curriculum, timetables and relationships with teachers and peers. I promote whole-school approaches in addressing the learning needs of EAL pupils and help subject teachers to integrate EAL students in the lessons using various EAL strategies. As a result, language acquisition and development is a continuous and dynamic process.

Steph Champney

Thorpedene Primary School

Reading and Pupil Premium

I am currently a Deputy Head in a large 3 form entry primary school, with areas of
responsibility including Pupil Premium, Reading, Subject Leadership development
and ITT. I have over 15 years experience working across primary schools and have
been responsible for supporting disadvantaged pupils for over 7 years.
I am committed to ensuring the best outcomes for all children, with a strong focus
and area of expertise in those in receipt of the Pupil Premium funding. I have
attended national training and am a qualified Pupil Premium Reviewer. I understand
the importance of all schools and pupils having different needs and the variety of
barriers children and schools face currently and can use my experience to offer
support and guidance on the use of the funding to ensure maximum impact for
disadvantaged pupils.
I feel passionately about supporting children achieve their potential in their Reading,
and see this as a foundation for building many future skills. I have worked
collaboratively with staff to ensure a variety of strategies develop reading as a whole
school approach and to meet the needs of individuals and feel equipped to share this
with others to raise the profile, importance and attainment of Reading schools
I have mentored and coached teachers at all levels including middle leaders, NQTs
and trainees and also work alongside developing the role of subject leaders.

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