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Education Consultant

Kathy Herlock

Cimg0158Kathy Herlock is an education consultant and has been a senior leader with over 40 years' experience in primary and secondary education. 

She has particular expertise in English but her Master's Degree in Education Studies' dissertation focused on building pupils' learning habits; an area in which Kathy can demonstrate practice and offer precise guidance. As a recent Deputy Headteacher in a secondary school, she has proven strong practice in school self-evaluation which has enabled her to carry out local school reviews and audits which have informed the school's plans for improvement. Kathy has 15 years' experience as a designated lead for safeguarding and is able to support schools to improve and refine their safeguarding procedures.

Kathy's key skills are: Clear and effective communication skills Understanding of school improvement processes Understanding of what effective teaching and learning looks like Understanding of how children learn Ability to give support and challenge at all levels Chairing effective meetings Carrying out grievance and disciplinary investigations to conclusion Ability to deliver purposeful training for governing bodies Carrying out effective monitoring of teaching and delivering support for those teachers requiring improvement Interrogating and responding to data Supporting accurate self-evaluation and action planning Building strategic leadership skills for SLT and middle leaders She can also offer additional support as an advisor for governing bodies, to develop their strategic vision. Kathy prefers to work alongside school leaders in identifying improvements, planning for implementation of new ideas and training staff so that any change works in the best interests of the school and its pupils

Dr Sharon Williams

Sharon williamsSharon has worked for over 33 years in secondary education. Most recently as a Vice Principal in charge of Teaching & Learning. Her passion for developing both teachers’ and leaders’ expertise has been demonstrated through her MA & PhD research, shared in her own and local schools, and through presenting to larger cohorts at various education conferences. Her MA explored the use of technology in the classroom to enhance the communication between the mentor and the new teacher, whilst her PhD focused on developing the theory of Learning Talk in the classroom and how this can lead to rapid progress for all. She wholeheartedly believes that an interactive questioning style & planned collaborative learning enables students to articulate learning – thus both embedding new knowledge and understanding how to recall it as necessary.

Sharon has presented to small and large audiences and many conference gatherings have commented on her ability to engage fellow professionals with her lively and concise style underpinned by an intellectual rigour.  Her contribution to the improvement of education within many institutions and the successful induction of countless new teachers are testament to her undoubted intellect, skills and capabilities.  

Sharon’s approach to training is an interactive and innovative one, where all participants leave with a set of skills, ideas and resources to start the next steps of their journey

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