FE & Post-16: CPD on demand

We can deliver a range of "off the shelf" STEM Learning courses for FE on demand.  Below are some of the titles we can offer - please contact us to plan your date.

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Activity title

Why attend?


Developing learner’s resilience and independent learning skills in post 16 science

Explore different methods to help learners manage the transition from level 2 to level 3, cope with the challenges of independent learning and develop the resilience to endure a full post-16 programme. Develop strategies to ensure that the culture of the classroom is right and that learners develop the skills needed to progress to higher levels of study and employment.


Adding value and helping students make progress in post 16 science

Gain an understanding of the drivers and barriers to student progress, and discover strategies to maximise the progress of learners


Raising aspirations: linking employability, careers and the post 16 science curriculum

Explore methods to raise awareness of STEM-related career opportunities and learn how to strategically use labour market information to inform your teaching


Mathematics for post 16 science

The activity focuses on the mathematical requirements for level 3 science courses. Attendees will be able to identify the maths skills that cause issues and develop an understanding of common misconception.

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