Technician CPD on demand

On demand CPD sessions for technicians: Available to schedule now

Technicians: Maintaining your prep room RX022
Strategies to maintain your prep room in an efficient and safe manner


Maintaining a science prep room can pose a number of challenges. Explore strategies to organise your prep room in an efficient way to maximise the operational side of delivering practical science lessons. You will look at ways to streamline practical requests, as well as how to document inventories and safety considerations.

Number of sessions: 5 total (3 synchrous, 2 asynchrous)

Pricing: £50 + VAT (maintained, £100 + VAT (non-maintained)


Technicians: Health and Safety RX023
Develop understanding of effective health and safety in labs, prep rooms and chemical stores


Technicians are at the heart of every science department, playing a crucial role in supporting effective practical work. With this comes a role in ensuring that the department is safe.  Develop a good foundation for carrying out effective health and safety, to support you in your job, but also to support teachers and students

Number of sessions: 3 total (2 synchrous, 1 asynchrous)

Pricing: £30 + VAT (maintained, £60 + VAT (non-maintained)


Technicians: Setting up your own STEM Club RX024
Set up your own technician-led STEM club


This course is an introduction to running a successful STEM Club in school as a technician. The sessions will provide information about how to recruit members to your club, how to plan activities to engage and enthuse students and some sample activities and resources to get you started.

Number of sessions: 6 total (3 synchrous, 3 asynchrous)

Pricing: £55 + VAT (maintained, £110 + VAT (non-maintained)

Courses are available on demand. 
To arrange a date, please contact Southend, Essex & Thurrock SLP –

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