Secondary network meetings

Start date

7 Oct 21

This first network meeting will see us set the scene for the year.  Each subsequent network meeting will be tailored to meet with the groups requirements.

In this initial teach meet we will discuss the following:

1)      Reflections on the OFSTED Science report series – building key ideas into practice

2)      Identifying effective aspects of remote learning that can add to your next years curriculum

3)      Ensuring equality and diversity is built into your science curriculum

4)      Dealing with over generous TAG’s in your new year 12 intake!

5)      How can the STEM learning network help you/your department

6)      AOB’s & Focus for the next network meeting agreed

Triple science networks for funded schools

If you are part of our triple science network of funded schools you can also access our termly triple science support meetings for FREE.

These triple science network meetings are ideal opportunities to share practice around the delivery of your triple science curriculum. Triple science network meetings will run with specific themes. All will start with an overview of the latest research and evidence to inform and underpin discussions within the group. Teachers should be able to leave the meetings with ideas, tools and strategies that they can use within their own contexts to improve curriculum provision and to improve outcomes studying a triple science pathway. 

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