Biology Specialism

Southend, Essex and Thurrock SLP have been selected by STEM Learning UK as the Specialist Delivery SLP for Biology. 

On2287 notification of selection we were commended for the quality of our nomination and the excellence and professional expertise that has been built within our SLP. We are working closely with STEM Learning to continue to grow the network through the introduction of this critical role. 

Matt King, Head of Biology at Westcliff High School for Girls, heads up this aspect of our SLP offer and can be contacted at

This role includes:

  • In-depth facilitation and regular content contributions to relevant STEM Community Groups (in collaboration with Community Managers);
  • Feeding in evidence-based CPD needs analysis, scrutinising the need for new CPD development, development of CPD as appropriate (which may require further draw-down contract days from allocation);
  • Co-design (with STEM Learning) of offers and approaches, informed by their contribution to horizon scanning within their area of expertise; 
  • Contributing to STEM Learning’s thought-leadership externally;
  • Contributing to STEM Learning’s editorial activity for demand generation and recruitment;
  • Running remote network-wide events appropriate to the specialism e.g. FE networks, early career teacher networks;
  • Advice, upskilling and building the capacity of the network in the specialist area (e.g. by contributing to the network meetings/development sessions);
  • Contributing to collaboration and partnerships with external partners;
  • Supporting the wider capacity building of SLPs against the High Performance Criteria beyond their specialist area e.g. coaching and mentoring.

Remote Biology CPD

As an additional part of our new role we are also being invited to offer a number of Biology-specific remote CPD opportunities over the coming year:

SKE for Level 3 BTEC Applied Science Unit 1 - Biology RX031 / HE02

Start date
5 Oct 21

3 Hours

This course will help you to prepare for teaching Level 3 BTEC Applied Science (NQF) and will focus on the subject knowledge needed to teach the biology component of Unit 1 (Principles and Application of Science I) - Structure and Functions of Cells and Tissues.

The course will also provide insight into some teaching approaches and resources that can be used to deliver this topic.


  • enhance your subject knowledge of the topic ‘Structure and Functions of Cells and Tissues’’
  • gain insight into teaching approaches that could be used for this topic
  • identify resources that can be used to support the teaching of this topic

1. CELL STRUCTURE AND FUNCTION    05 OCTOBER 2021    16:00-17:00
2. TISSUE STRUCTURE AND FUNCTION    15 OCTOBER 2021    16:00-17:00

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