Biology Specialism


Southend, Essex and Thurrock Science Learning Partnership were once again successful in their bid to be STEM Learning National Biology Specialist SLP. 

This specialism is being led by Matt King MRSB, Head of Biology at Westcliff High School for Girls.   

The specialism will further enhance the SLP's vision to deliver a world-leading STEM education for all young people across the UK.   We have a mission to constantly evaluate developments in Biology ensuring our educators CPD offer is relevant and inspirational.  

To achieve this vision we will: 

  • Regularly contribute and moderate the Biology STEM Community Group.
  • Scrutinise the need for new CPD development, develop new CPD for Biology.
  • Contribute to STEM Learning’s thought-leadership externally.
  • Contribute to STEM Learning’s editorial activity for demand generation and recruitment;
  • Run remote network-wide events to include Biology facilitator development sessions. 
  • Advise, upskill and build the capacity of the network for Biology.
  • Contribute to and collaborate with other SLP partners and key external partners including the Wellcome Trust and the Royal Society of Biology.
  • Support the wider capacity so as to build on the ability of other SLPs against the High Performance Criteria.
  • Offer educational establishments consultancy to evaluate and improve their Biology curriculum. 
  • Talent spot and develop excellent Biology facilitators for the STEM Learning CPD programme

We work closely with Mary Howell who is our 'STEM Learning specialist counterpart'.

Biology Specialism


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